SIGNALL 3, a Leonardo da Vinci funded project which brings together partners from Ireland (Centre for Deaf Studies, Trinity College Dublin), Belgium (Lessius University, Antwerp), Finland (University of Jyväskylä), UK (University of Sussex) and Turkey (The Turkish National Federation of the Deaf).

SIGNALL 3 offers the Working with the Deaf Community (WWDC) which is currently offered at the Centre for Deaf Studies at Trinity College Dublin as part of the Bachelor in Deaf Studies. The module will be delivered in a number of spoken and signed languages.

WWDC explores the current issues that are shaped or experienced by those who are working with the Deaf community. In particular, for Irish students, it will focus on how these issues affect the Irish Deaf community. The module is roughly divided into two main areas: (i) a focus on general concepts relating to power, working relationships, etc., and (ii) themes and perspectives that can be identified in various fields associated with the Deaf community. There is also a focus on three main thematic areas: (i) education, (ii) mental health, and (iii) associated with each of these, interpreting. This module will pay specific attention to the situation of teachers and educational support staff (e.g. SNAs) and has direct relevance for visiting teachers of the deaf, social workers, interpreters, SLTs and ESWs.

The issue of mental health and deafness is a core part of WWDC and issues impacting on wellbeing and distress as they pertain to Deaf individuals is widely covered.